Quantitative Investing Strategy

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Quantitative Investing Strategy

Instructor: Kirubakaran Rajendran

Language: English

Level: Beginner

Course Duration: 30 min 44 sec


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This course provides an in-depth understanding of a quantitative investment strategy and its application in financial markets. It is a factor based investing strategy, where stocks are selected based on volatility and momentum. Any strategy that can generate alpha with the least volatility will be suitable for all kinds of investors as it follows a passive investing style with minimal analysis or framework. However, single factor-based strategies like only based on momentum typically exhibit cyclicity and may underperform during certain market phases. By using multiple factors, both momentum and volatility, we are able to avoid large drawdowns and longer underwater periods.

What you will learn:

  • The strategy picks up one best stock every year, invests in it and rebalances the portfolio after a 1-year period. It has been tested with 13 years of historical data.
  • Develop a solid foundation in quantitative investment strategy, including backtesting, logic and screening stocks.
  • Understand how to collect, clean, and analyze financial data to identify and generate investment ideas.


Meet our Mentor

Kirubakaran Rajendaran

Mr. Kirubakaran Rajendran is the Founder of Algo Trading firm, http://www.squareoff.in He is an algo trader who has developed Multiple Trading systems for Indian Equity markets. He has been featured in MoneyControl through Interview on India Top Traders. He is active on Quora where he shared more than 800+ articles related to trading with more than 8+ millions views. Kirubakaran Rajendran from Chennai who designed Trading Bots — An automated program which trades using a given set of rules — to do his trading. However, Kiru is not a conventional trader. He is among the few option traders who trade on an intra-day basis, more so without looking at option Greeks or technical charts. A student of statistics, Rajendran is in his 'zone' when surrounded by numbers. He has not only broken the code of successful trading, but also automated it with bots, which can be used by retail traders.

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